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About sexual anorexia

Sexual anorexia describes a compulsive avoidance of sex, the 'anorexia' meaning avoidance rather than anything to do with food. A synonym is '(compulsive) sexual avoidance'. Other writings on the subject widen out the topic to include avoidance of any kind of intimacy, expressed in the terms 'sexual, social and emotional anorexia', 'compulsive avoidance of intimacy' or 'intimacy anorexia'. This website generally uses the term 'sexual anorexia', as it is the most well-known of the terms.

The aim of this website is to create a directory of all the resources (groups, books, leaflets, audio and video) available to sexual anorexics, as there are still relatively few available. Several Twelve-Step fellowships (patterned after the Twelve Steps pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous) welcome people wanting to recover from sexual anorexia, so this site gathers together information about all of the material they produce in one place. Useful literature published by the fellowship gets its own entry. Some of these resources are still in draft form, and are featured seperately.

Some people identify themselves solely as sexual anorexics, while others also identify with addiction in the realm of sex and relationships. This website aims to not deter people who are put off by the term 'sex addict' or 'love addict', picking out the most relevant information published by organizations who were originally set up for addicts. But it also caters for the many sex and/or relationship addicts who experience sexual anorexia.

Disclosure: This website is supported by affiliate links to some of the products reviewed, mostly through Skimlinks and Viglinks. This means avoidnomore.org gets a small percentage of a purchase you make from clicking that link, at no extra cost to you. This helps pay for the site's running costs, but in no way influences the review's content or placement.  Any profits will fund the writing and publication of a book on sexual anorexia.

About the editor

The editor of this website is a sexual anorexic who wants to share all of the resources they have found about sexual anorexia over their years of recovery.

The editor welcomes ideas of literature or articles which may be useful to the sexual anorexic. Please note that submissions are included at the editor's discretion, and if included may be edited.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, if you notice a broken link or error please let us know.

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Apologies about the broken links recently. We've recently changed our name and made some changes, but you'll still be able to use the old address and everything should be working fine now.

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