Strategies for Healing from Addiction: sexual anorexia podcasts

Strategies for Healing from Addiction is a series of podcasts by Gary and Sharon Worrell.  They deal with issues around recovery, mainly in the area of sex.

There are three podcasts which particularly deal with the issues of sexual anorexia:-

Sexual Disconnection or Anorexia - Part 1: Jan 23 2012 (the files seem to be jumbled on the website. The podcast labeled 'Sexaul Disconnection or Anorexia' is actually about various aspects of sex addiction).
Sexual Addiction - Anorexia - Part 2: Feb 6 2012
Cory Schortzman & Sexual Anorexia: Aug 13 2012

It is an interesting discussion between the two hosts, talking through the various aspects of how sexual anorexia can affect people.  The fact that they are a couple and are talking about their personal experiences make it a valuable resource.  It does also feature sexual addiction stories.

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