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If the Buddha Dated - A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl is a great source of inspiration for those needing to work on intimacy in their lives, sexual and otherwise.

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With chapter titles like 'What to do when you want to run', 'Seek a true equal' and 'Remember, first dates are just a moment in time', there is advice for those who are seeking a relationship or are already in one. It really helps pick apart the overwhelming tangle of emotions that can be involved when getting into or staying in a relationship. Despite the title, the philosophy of the book is not only Buddhist but takes wisdom from many different sources, looking at relationship matters from a spiritual perspective. Sexual anorexia is not mentioned by name but the fears and patterns involved are certainly covered in detail.

Please note, some UK editions of this book have a different title: Zen and the Art of Falling in Love.

'If the Buddha Dated' is available from these retailers.

USA: (paperback) Amazon.com - Barnes and NobleAlibris.com - Ratuken

UK: (paperback) Amazon.co.uk - Hive - Blackwell's - Foyles - Play.com - Alibris.co.uk

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