Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional - SLAA leaflet

Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional is a leaflet produced by Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, a Twelve Step fellowship modelled on Alcoholics Anonymous. The fellowship has some very good resources on sexual anorexia: it isn't just for people who identify with some kind of addiction, though a number of people are familiar with both sides of the coin. image: Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional - SLAA leafletThe leaflet asks fifty questions which help the reader decide whether this is an issue for them.  It gives this baffling and little-known phenomenon a name and is a great introduction for someone looking into sexual anorexia for the first time, as well as being a reference for those already in recovery.  As the title suggests, it goes beyond sexual avoidance, also addressing problems with avoiding emotional intimacy and social contact in general.

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