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Welcome to avoidnomore.org. This website aims to be a one-stop shop for resources about recovery from sexual anorexia, or compulsive avoidance of sex and intimacy.

How do I know if I'm sexually anorexic?

There are several Twelve-Step fellowships (groups patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous) which help people with sexual anorexia. Open to Change has a list of characteristics; Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous has some questions you can ask yourself; and a Sex Addicts Anonymous leaflet has a list of avoidant behaviors.

Ok, so I identify. What next?

There are lots of resources signposted on this website that can help: books and leaflets, articles, audio and video, groups and more. You're not alone, and you can access useful organisations wherever you are in the world, in face-to-face meetings or via Skype or telephone. As the concept of sexual anorexia becomes more well-known, more and more therapists are also becoming able to help people. We hope you find this website helpful on your journey towards recovery and abundance.

Is this site safe to read?

This site is for recovery purposes only - it contains no links to material we think might be unhealthy, and all the comments on the site are moderated before display.
Do, however, take responsibility for your emotional health and your recovery if you are sensitive to the subject matter.
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